• The meeting will begin with registration at 14:30 on Oct. 24th, and will conclude on 17:30 at Oct. 27th.
  • 会议不设海报环节。议程上所示海报环节是别的活动的海报

  • Conference Schedule

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    Scientific Sessions

    1. New genomics technologies

    2. Functional genomics of grain yield and quality

    3. Functional genomics of biotic stress resistance

    4. Functional genomics of abiotic stress resistances

    5. Functional genomics of nutrient use efficiency

    6. Tools and platforms for genomic breeding

    Time Reporter Report Title
    9 :00-10 :40           Host:Guoliang Li
    9:00-9:20 Opening address
    9:20-10:00 Prof. Yijun Ruan 3D Genome Organization and Transcription Regulation
    10:00-10:40 Prof. Michael Zhang New computational advances in chromatin structure and interaction analyses
    10:40-11:00 Coffee breaks,Communication
    11:00-12:20           Host:Yijun Ruan
    11:00-11:40 Dr. Chia-Lin Wei 3-Dimensional Chromatin Structure and Transcription Regulation
    11:40-12:20 Prof. Wing-Kin Sung Modeling 3D structure of our genome using Hi-C data
    12:20-1:30 Lunch(Cross country Shuo Yan Hall)
    1:30-4:00           Host:Wing-Kin Sung
    1:30-2:00 Prof. Qiang Wu CRISPR Inversion of CTCF Sites Alters Genome Topology and Enhancer/Promoter Function
    2:00-2:30 Prof. Melissa Fullwood Deorphanizing cancer-associated somatic mutations using chromatin interactions
    2 :30-3 :00 Dr. Oscar Luo Inferring the genome structure and function from long-read ChIA-PET
    3:00-3:30 Dr. Yuriy Orlov Analysis of gene location relative to chromosome loops and topological chromosome domains (by CTCF ChIA-PET data and Hi-C in mouse)
    3:30-4:00 Prof. Jack Chen Comparative genomics: genome structure, expression, and evolution
    4:00-4:20 Coffee breaks,Communication
    4:20-6:00           Host:Jack Chen
    4:20-4:40 Prof. Cheng Peng Structural heterogeneity and functional diversity of topologically associating domains in mammalian genomes
    4:40-5:00 Dr. Ting Xie De Novo Plant Genome Assembly Based on Chromatin Interactions: A Case Study of Arabidopsis thaliana
    5:00-5:20 Dr. Juntao Gao Analysis and visualization of Hi-C data by computational method and super-resolution imaging method
    5:20-5:40 Dr. Gang Niu Three-dimensional super-resolution visualization of specific nonrepetitive DNA in single human cells
    5:40-6:00 Summary of the meeting,The end of the meeting